Friday, 6 August 2010

Stage 2 synopsis

This Tour has a real feel of Epic about it. Normally the first week is pretty boring, and has always made me ponder should Grand Tours be two weeks, but that's another article all together.

I thought that the climbs, the general terrain and the weather would all come into play today. What I forgot to factor in is the most unpredictable element, the human one.

Crashes again have marred what was set to be a nod to the ASO races in the Walloon region. The final climb proved to be instrumental but not for a rider making a daring escape and dancing away on the pedals. But no it would be greasy roads that would force Cancellara to exhurt the power of the yellow jersey (combine with his patron status in the peloton. The peloton was encouraged to let them regroup, but this in the end proved to give then

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