Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's the rumour mill, again!

Ok so the current hot rumour is that Cervelo Test Team won't function in the format that it currently does. Hushovd, Haussler, Hammond & Kiler are all linked to a move to Garmin. For sure this would add some serious fire power to the American team for the Classics. I think the experience of these riders could help develop the riders on Team Garmin who have a passion for these races to a new level. It would be like taking an advanced learning course by adding the knowledge of Hammond & Kiler into the mix.

So what may become of CTT? Another theory is that the rest of the team would go to the new Team Lux. I mentioned recently that Andy Schleck needs to get some performance advantage from the bike to beat Contador. I'm sure, as they have rieden them before, that the Schleck's know this to be true, especially Frank as he won on Alp d'Huez on an Aero bike. This advantage maybe short lived if the rumoured Specialized Aero bike finally makes an appearance.

What about other long standing suppliers & the existing sponsorship agreements. Depending on what happens we may see some going to Garmin & others going to Team Lux. Castelli will be an interesting one, new to Garmin or the Lux Team, either way the riders would be happy bunnies as the team kit is among the finest ever made.

Lots going on & I'm sure as Eurobike hits next week I'm sure there will be many more rumours to come. It'd be great to see an announcement, but we will just have to wait until then.

The last two years in Pro Cycling have been filled with excitement. It looks set to continue into next year. Remind me again why we have an off season, I'm so excited I can hardly wait.

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An unlikely survivor said...

If The God of Thunder moves to Garmin; Surfer dood Tyler Farrar will be spitting up Pom juice! LMAO! Heard Haussler might be going Argyle as well. That makes more sense to me.

Hope Sastre can talk the Geox doods (formerly known as Footon) to change those hideous kits.

Yours in Cycling,