Thursday, 26 August 2010

Press release from Cervelo, and a bit from me on the bottom!

Cervélo looks to new opportunities
26-Aug-2010: Cervélo confirmed today that it would not continue as a cycling team title sponsor after the end of the 2010 season. 

Certain subtle changes in the rules that govern pro cycling, have established a trend towards bigger budgets to ensure participation in all the big races, and this is not something with which we are comfortable. We were okay with the significant commitment we originally made to the team, but to increase it is not prudent. 

To create the best opportunities for riders, staff, sponsors and other stakeholders, a bigger team environment is needed. At the same time, the very positive response to a focus on "more than just racing" has been great. 

We look forward to continued involvement in pro cycling at the highest level with an emphasis on product R&D, as we have since 2003. To that end, we will announce the details soon. 

Peter Donato | Cervélo Public Relations

So that's the official statement from Cervelo. Does that mean that the UCI are to blame. Man this will set Scott and John off from the Velocast. It's a shame a real shame and I'll be sorry to see the Cervelo project end, no matter how many issues I've had with my S2. 

I hope all the riders, team staff and personel that we never see all mange to get secure jobs. Cervelo Test Team RIP, thanks for two fantastic seasons. 

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