Friday, 13 August 2010


Clothing and the colours that fill our wardrobe probably say a lot about us. Not being trained it that area of anaylsing, I'll refrane from commenting. But it I look at my cycling wardrobe it's filled with a lot of black, white, red, blue and a little orange.

Black is probably the classic Armani look, timeless & it hides a multitude of lumps and bumps. White, darling confident and best employed in the summer months when the tanlines have developed nicely.

The Red, Blue & Orange, well a bit of colour never goes a miss, although I'm not a big fan of yellow.

So for next year I think shades of blue will be popular and in some wardrobes a welcome break from the favourite hews that I'd normally go for. I think the flashes of fluro will hark back to the late 80's, but from what I've seen with bundles more style.

So when looking for some new clobber this year, take a step back and see if there's a second colour that might take your fancy, adding some more colour might brighten your day.

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