Thursday, 5 August 2010

Beach and Bikes

I'm not the worlds biggest beach fan, or maybe I should rephrase that I'm not a fan of crowded commercial beaches, groomed & so clean as they have been raked & scraped each morning. The beach at Bamburgh is lovely rugged, with rock pools and swept clean by the waves & nothing else - truly beautiful.

It was pretty much empty, & if there was 50 people on it I would be amazed. It's funny that with all that space people still gather towards the same spots and in this case gravitated towards the rock pools.

Coming home at nearly 7pm, the weather was still very warm & the sky was clear. The long walk back to the car loomed & now feeling like a pack horse as the helpful children of a few hours previous had transformed into tired hungry ones hardly able to lift a foot, never mind a bag.

So coming through the dunes & just in front of our car was a whole collection of bicycles. They weren't the most fancy of bikes but I loved the fact that they'd ridden to the beach. I can't wait till I can get back on mine, the two combinations of the freedom of a bicycle & beach are a heady combination, halcyon days for sure.

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