Thursday, 26 August 2010

Garmin ~ Cervelo, my take on it

Every year just before Eurobike there is usually a big story that breaks. I'm not sure I can remember last years but I know it happens.

So Garmin & Cervelo merge, well kind of. It's been reported Haussler, Hushovd, Hammond & Kiler are all to be donning a new uniform come January 1st.

So we know that the Team will be using Cervelo bikes, but what about the other kit.

Cockpit ~ bar, stem & seatpost. I can't see any change here & 3T will still remain.

Wheels ~ again I think that this will remain unchanged & the work that the Garmin Team have done it seems crazy to switch back to Zipp, even though all the riders have ridden on them.

Tyres ~ there will be a switch to the Mavic rubber, well as long as they stick with the wheels.

Saddles ~ again I don't see a change here either as both Teams perches have been supplied by Fi'zi:k.

Groupsets ~ here's the tough one. Garmin have long been close to the Shimano brand & have been early adoptors of the new technology. Cervelo made the switch to Sram this season & cite performance advantages as their made reason. So where do I think they'll go, Sram is my guess.

Pedals ~ well there are three contenders. Shimano, Speedplay & Mavic. Shimano well follow suit if they go for the Japanese brand. Going for Speedplay would make sense as Cervelo currently use the San Diego brand. Mavic, well what better way to get people to use their pedal by getting a 'Blue Ribbon' team on them. As the pedal is basically a cross between a Shimano & a Look the transition from existing system shouldn't be too painful.

Clothing ~ I think this will go to Castelli. Given the choice I would.

Helmet ~ I think this will remain with Giro as I reckon JV is tight with the Giro crew.

But the biggest question is what colour the new Team kit will be? Black, White & red argyle anyone.

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