Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Chain~L HIMO a review

There seems to be a few products that over the years I seem to have tested a lot, and lubes are one of them. What my usual motivation is that it is normally spurned on by the fact I'm not happy with what I'm currently using. What is different this time is that I'm really happy with my current lube so the Chain~L stayed on my shelf for months.

I decided I'd apply it about 4-6 weeks ago. This seemed to be timed nicely with a foaming degreaser arriving on my desk (cheers Andy) so it was a good time to utilise both products. I'll review the degreaser properly later, but I was super impressed and in short it works.

So chain is cleaned and looked fantastic, you know what I mean that silver glow normally reserved for a box fresh product. I went for the none warmed application option and applying it was like using a quality honey. Yes it really is that thick. It made application a pain in the arse & less precise than a slightly thinner product. So I left if overnight and removed the excess lube in the morning pre-ride.

The proof is in the pudding. Riding it the chain felt smooth & very quite. These are very appealing as there's nothing worse than a squeeking or creaking bike. As I expected the lube went black after the first ride. I removed the excess, but I was surprised to have to repeat the process for a second, and a third time (after some riding inbetween)

I kept on using the lube for about three weeks, until a heavy rain storm forced me to think about reapplying it. The chain became sticky, lacking that silky smooth feeling that had been common place until then. Remembering how thick the lube was I decided to warm the lube as mentioned on the bottle. This made the whole application process a lot smoother. It wasn't totally like a conventional wet lube, as it still had more weight behind it, but it was better.

Okay to the plus & negative points:

+ points:
The lube gives a smooth feel under the pressure of pedal strokes.

It does seem to last, and although I can't report on the 1000 mile claim I wouldn't be surprised if it could. The rain that caused the wash out was heavy so no minus points in my book as any lube would have suffered the same fate.

- points:
I don't like the spray off from the lube when pedalling. I'm surprised that when the surface appears to be clean of the lube a few kilometres pushes out the product from inside, quickly making the chain black. The secondary splatter is annoying as the rear mech & jockey wheels become sticky.

The applicator nozzle is crap & doesn't allow the product to flow easerly, which on a super thick lube is a pain.

This next comment isn't really performance based but I really didn't like the smell. It smelt like I was running along with a Chinese takeaway as it had a strong sesame smell.

It works for sure & although I can't really comment on the longevity of it, 3-4 weeks of riding indictaes that results could be favourable. I didn't like the mess, even after cleaning off the excess it would reappear a couple of times & the extra cleaning to remove the throw off spray became a process I grew quickly tired of. So it really hasn't made me want to switch brands although I have plans to use this on the Winter & MTB bikes as I think it has better applications there.

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