Monday, 13 September 2010

The Tour of Britain 2010 – Gallery 2010

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Maybe it's National Pride, or knowing a few of the people who work behind the scenes to make this happen but i have to doff my cap, shout 'Chapeau' as so far this has been a stunning race. In many ways the short one week Tours offer the closest experience to the Single Day Classics for Stage Racers. Already the jersey has changed hands three times and with Stage 4 tomorrow I'd be shocked if it doesn't change again as on paper it is the toughest day.

I'd like to say thanks to the SweetSpot team for all there hard work and for selecting the right mix of Teams. This, along with the course, is a super important thing to get right as it adds the right dynamics to the race. WIth Pro Tour Teams, Pro Continental, Continental and Domestic squads it gives all the roadside (and armchair) fans someone to shout for. Again, well done.

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