Sunday, 19 September 2010

Matti Breschel ... the moment

Was this the moment when Breschel decided to look for new oppoertunities outside Saxo Bank?

Sitting here today I am wondering if Saxo Bank will be a name mentioned in any of the cobbled Classics next year with Breschel off to Rabobank and Cancellara off to ......., well I'm unsure who will fill their tyre tracks at the moment. Riis has always been able to unearth talent where other DS's can only buy it. So will someone rise to replace them (O'Grady included), be interesting to see.

I find Breschel interesting, in some ways an enigma. That might be because the English speaking press at large don't interview him much. Because of that I don't really know where his racing passions lie (I've probably missed some big interview, if I have I apologise). I thought he was super strong in Flanders, as strong as Fabian, but unfortunately two bike changes, one being the wrong size was probably just too much.

The Northern Classics will be interesting next year as allies are now enemies (I say that loosely and tonuge in cheek) for next season. Rabobank (*) have failed to impress and struggle to get the best out of riders, look at Flecha. I hope this isn't the case for Matti as I'd really like to see him be an agressor in these races. Without have to play second fiddle to Fabian, it'll be interesting to see what he targets in the early season. I'd say Flanders suits him more than Roubaix, as of late unless you can ride away from your fellow riders.

as an ex-model I am hoping he can throw a little bit more style to that kit as it's been the same for ever, and frankly orange isn't a great colour on everyone.

(*) I find Rabobank really frustrating. They is something I really like about the Team and as of late they have failed to perform in recent years. Oscar gets them out of the shit plenty of times, but many of the other riders are just not present when it comes to the final selection. I really hope that with the new signings there comes some new direction and drive, oh yeah please update that kit, give the riders something cool to straighten out when they reach the finish line.

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