Monday, 27 September 2010

Deux Cols to Trois Cols

I've got to know Chris through Twitter (one of the riders in the film), and as yet we have not met, but I feel if we did I feel that we'd get on and have a few Belgian beers and go for a ride. In the process of chatting he told me about a ride he and some of his buddies did around this time last year.

They wanted it to have an Epic feel about it, while at the same time being rooted and not pretentious. Watch the video, it captures a great essence of what a great day in the saddle is all about. Last year it was a small group of friends, which for this year has been expanded to include a whole bunch of new riders.

Having watched the video I so wanted to be there this October to ride it. If after seeing this you'd like to join you'll have to wait next year as the entries are now closed. The more I see of the great riding in the States I'd love to take a month off and travel with the family.

The ride is run off at a sensible Fall pace, and it's not a Race, even a Gentleman's Race, but a true Epic Ride. Last year it was deux cols and this year trois. The ride itself will be around 88 miles or 142km, and will be a little more lumpy, but still an epic day out for guys with a little bit more round the middle.

I'm hoping that in the coming weeks I'll get chance to partake on a similar ride, a real end of year triumph, a celebration of everything from the change of seasons to Good Times with friends, old and new. I look forward to Chris's report back and if you want to know more I'll put you in touch. Chris tells me next year it'll be open to International invites, better start saving now!

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