Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Shock

In the UK the kids have (finally, my wife would say) gone back to school. I know my kids really enjoy the break but after about 4 weeks they are prety keen to get back, or that is how it seemed this holiday. I've wondered for a while is the current holiday allocation out moded. Part of my thoughts come in the form of a parent as trying to book holidays is a pain and the weather isn't as good as it used to be in August (rose tinted spectcles removed, honest). Maybe a more even spread acros the year with a big chunk at the Summer would be better.

So what has this all to do about cycling then. Well my eldest has moved up to Senior School, for those reading around the world he's 11, so please attribute this to your countries system. The move up to Senior School has meant a change in the time he needs to be at school, which is now 8 am! This means our households day is starting earlier than usual, which frankly, three weks in, is still a shocker. Ironically he's adjusted better than me.

So I lie here tapping away lacking the urgency to get up, even though the skies are blue and the heart is in it. Adjustment, to life, comes on many fronts and I just wanted to say to all other parents, it's okay it's the start of term for all of us. Now it's time to get up and greet the day.

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