Saturday, 10 April 2010

Roubaix Video Teasers

Compared to last year there seems to be much more in the way of Previews of the Teams on the cobbles this year. Here are a few to get you in the mood for tomorrow. Looks like it may be hot like 2007, but I was secretly hoping that it'd be like 2001. So enjoy. Oh for the record I am going for:

1.Flecha - SKY
2. Cancellara - SAXO Bank
3. Boonen - Quick-Step

2001, what a race. Tough conditions and an inform Domo Team. George is left exposed with no Team mates.

and a little bit from the film that has started a million passions for this race.


placid casual said...

you've got me moist with anticipation - can't fucking wait!

placid casual said...

saxo bank one, using slowed down film gives a great idea of the sort of pasting you get across those cobbles.
and those tyres look massive