Thursday, 1 April 2010

Flanders is Looming, my kit list

I was hoping to do a really cool post with lots of nice photos of the kit I will be taking. But alas work has been really busy and has left me completely knackered! So I thought I'd do a bit more of a list and pull some images off at some point, probably after the event.

Okay here is my list of clothes:
Jacket I'll take my dhb Event. It has a little more room round the mid section, no point in fooling anybody at the moment.

Shorts, well brushed shorts to be exact. I'll be taking my Craft ones as the pad is good and it's comfy for long periods.

Knee Warmers - the best ones I have for fit, warmth and mental well being are my Gore Bikewear Thermos.

They are proper PRO in length. Think Paris Nice if you need an image.

Leg Warmers - in this instance I'll take my Assos ones, enough said.

Arm Warmers - Likely to be Assos again or dhb.

Baselayer - I'll take a couple, mainly from CRAFT, but I have a secret squirrel one that I am testing if the weather conditions permitt.

Shoes - Northwave SBS. Stiff comfy and a relaible friend. As much as I love my new Lake CX401, I don't want to get the new shoes messed up on the Bergs.

Gloves - again I'll take a couple of options but I reckon it'll be the Castelli Nano that I use. I have some dhb Neoprene ones that I will take also.

Socks - both winter and 5" Cuff SockGuy Ronde van Vlaanderen specials will be packed.

Jerseys - I'll opt for a summer jersey of some description, not really decided except for that it'll need good pockets.

Gilet - I have a couple of Gore ones. In case the weather brightens up and the jacket can be stashed away, it's likely that I'll keep the core protected.

Cotton Cap - essential for shit windy weather.

Other kit:
Sportique Centuary Riding Cream - Hours of protection while in the saddle. This is my current favourite Chamois Creme.

Warming Oil. Getting old and well it helps with the old muscles and aches and pains. Either Morgan Blue or Sportique.

Elements Cream - shit this stuff is bloody amazing. It really stops you getting that wind chaffed look all over your face and legs, due to the ingredients it works it hot or cold weather. It works and if it's cheating I'm all for it.

Rudy Project Genetyk Glasses with photochromatic lenses, essential for Sportive riding in my books.

Bell Volt Helmet, oh so comfy but not the greatest for ventilation, which is no bad thing at this time of the year.

I'll be riding a Felt FC this year. That will be a change as this isn't my bike but a loaner. The bike itself is a revelation, stiff comfortable and a great direct ride. I'm looking forward to seeing how the bike copes with the cobbles.

So apologies for that lack of pictures, but I thought I'd at least give an idea of the kit I'll be using.

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