Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Question that is always asked

I've worked in the bike industry for a long time and there is one question you are always asked, whether it comes from a colleauge, a supplier or a friend, 'have you been riding much'. The answer can change depending on your level of honesty, but I always think people never truly believe you. The pursuit of being fit is as widely sought after as hitting sales targets, making sure the customer is happy and making sure that the deadlines are met. The problem is, working in the Trade fitness can be a hard thing to keep on top of.

You'd think because you work with bicycles you'd have bags of time to ride. In reality this is never the case. Working in the shop  meant long days, in for 8:30 and leaving at 6:30 meant that by time you were home it left little time to train, as I've worked in all parts of the industry it's the same from all sides. I have employed the services of a coach, mainly to give some focus and to make sure that I'm not hanging out of my arse come time to ride a Sportive.

So my answer to the eternal cycling question 'have you been riding much', well my normal reply is 'No not enough, but is it ever enough' there are of course times when this isn't the case, but usually the person knows that answer before is given, as you actually look like you've been on the bike.


kg said...

ain't it the truth.

webby said...

your always on the money fella but your summing up....

never, thats never, has a truer word been said.