Friday, 9 April 2010

Tour of Flanders 2010, Video coverage

Maybe only in America could you add more drama to the MOST important race in the Belgian calendar. It's nice and the footage looks very nice in black and white. When will somebody do a Road to Roubaix style pic on Flanders?

I've added this after having it brought to my attention, action on the Paterberg

Having a camera mounted roadside really shows how steep these climbs are.


At 27km, with the voice of a legend, Sean Kelly

This was the second time that Cancellara put the hammer down. Losing a reported 5kg in weight seems to have given him the edge that he required to make the difference. Can't find footage of the first time on the Molenberg.

Great footage just showing the damage been done. I like the fact you can see the massive time gaps between the riders and how the cameraman (or maybe a friend) gets excited when his favourite riders go past. Isn't it great to be a fan.

This piece of coverage shows the final 10km. The damage has been done, the red hammer has been struck. Fabian goes into TT mode, impressive stuff.


placid casual said...

my wife's from the paterberg is here...

Rich said...

Thanks for that. I've added it to the post. I love the roadside videos as they add another dimension to the Pro footage.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole host of amateur footage on all the climbs and edit it with the Race footage. Well it's just a thought.