Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sportique Shaving Oil


Last Eurobike I was lucky enough to bump into Jan who is the founder of the company. After exchanging greetings I waxed lyrical about the Century Ride Cream and a few other products. He asked me to wait a second and then came back with a bag of products from their wider range to try.

So it's only recently I've started to use this as I've been using another product from their range. I tried the oil on the face and found it good on it's own. Much better results were obtained when combined with Sportique shaving cream. A really close shave indeed.

But the place I love using it is when I'm shaving my legs. Smooth legs are a dead Cert, with the only negative compared to foam or cream is that it isn't as easily seen to where you've been. The oil leaves the skin conditioned and not dry. It's a great product and much better than oils that I've used in the past like King of Shaves. Why, well the formula doesn't clog the razor blades, but the hairs pass through with each area shaved.

I'm not sure if C3 Products bring this into the country, how much it is or anything. Seeing how little you need & how much others cost I reckon it could be £10, but it'd be well spent if you shave a lot, and in particular your legs.

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