Saturday, 21 May 2011

George, Lance & what next

We've had a few interesting days with first Tyler, and the George talking about the EPO use in USPS while they were both there riding. There are many camps in cycling, Pro Lance, Anti Lance, Anti Drugs and finally the Omertà camp.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend over dinner and we debated at length trying to put the cycling world to right. He argued that racing would be boring and viewers would switch off. My repost was that I thought it'd be more exciting as the collapses could be greater as we are asking the body to do more than it's possible of doing. This was his argument that PED's were not going away as the demands are high on their bodies. The omertà culture lures riders into the belief that they need to do it. I can't imagine the pressures and stresses on the body & mind as I've never raced at that level, many have families and the pressure to perform so that they can provide must be great. I think as fans all we are looking for is belief in their performance rather than the best medical help.

With Contador dominating the Giro and making the hardest stages look easy it promotes more questions than answers. His technique is amazing to watch, so smooth and fluid, a bit like Lance; but I watch it with a sick feeling in my stomach, rather than with jaw dropping awe.

If we come to the table with a child like belief and take Teams like Sky, Garmin Cervélo and HTC on face value what are these Teams doing to enable their riders to even compete in the same races. This isn't something often asked or talked about, but how close to the WADA banned list line do these Teams skirt. They may not want to disclose this as it would give other teams an edge, but in the spirit of openness I think it'd be a big positive to declare how, why and what the Teams are using/doing to help their riders.

Many commentators over the years have said that an amnesty is the only way forward. But I think that's the tip of the ice berg as there seems to be corruption at all levels, and I'm afraid that in the human psyche many will do everything to win, while thankfully there are those that won't and will hold a flag of ethics to ask the questions others dare not.

Having kids changes you, and for me they ask hard questions about the Sport I love All I ask is as they grow is that they have heroes to believe in.

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