Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara is unusal in that he is a rider who is probably one of the best Time trailists in history, but his skills don't stop there. His combination of power and bike handling skills are second to none. Not only is he truly awesome against the clock he also loves the Classics and is one of the pelotons finest descenders. For more proof, watch this stunning clip below. It's a Master Class on how to descend quickly.

Cancellara Showing here in '06 how to use that awesome power to great effect and riding away from the competition. I hope we see displays of this again this year as it is so exciting to witness live. He has made noise about the Ronde, and like many he wants to add this to his palmares. This year, just as any other, the names vieing for the top spot includes some well known names but no doubt places 2 and 3 on podium might just produce some unexpected results.

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