Saturday, 13 March 2010

Boys Toys 2 - Milram

I'm pleased Linus won the other day. He's not had many breaks since he bagged the Yellow jersey back in '07. So to this Boys Toys post.

Focus Bike
Lightweight Wheels
Sram Red
Mavic Shoes

Vermarc kit

Item of clothing of note:
Customized Rain Jacket. Recently we have seen the best execution of this by Castelli with the Cervelo Test Team. A short sleeve Rain Jacket may seem crazy, but I'll explain why I think not.

Overheating is a major issue for a Pro Rider as they are typically putting out 200+ watts over a complete stage. Turn a 100 watt light bulb on and feel the heat, yes it's warm. So removing the sleeves on a jacket meakes sense from cooling as the long veins in the arms allow the body to regulate the body temp. Keeping the core warm allows you to remain warm, but not overheat, this is why a Gilet is an essential piece of cycling kit. The short sleeve allows the jersey to remain dry, so not making the rider cold.

Both Sportful and Castelli have 'nearly' waterproof arm/leg/knee warmers for this year. This makes so much sense as there is no negative effect when it's not raining. I can't think it'll be long before we see brushed bib shorts made out of this material as it'll give an advantage to any rider using it.

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