Friday, 26 February 2010

Steve Cozza's training loop

Steven Cozza's home training loop

Sorry it's a link as I don't know how to embed it into the page. This is a piece he did for Cyclingnews and it is absolutely visually stunning. Listening to Steve talking its clear he's as much a bike rider as he is a bike racer. I reckon he'd be great company on a ride, I especially like it why he talks about why he doesn't use music on this loop.

I am wishing him all the best as he recovers from his broken collar bone. I hope he's back for Flanders as he seems to love these tough races.For more on Steve go to his website here. If you do Twitter you can follow him here.


Above is a stunning image from Kristof Ramon and you can view more on his flickr page. He has a very unique style and captures the riders in a earthy real tone.

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