Thursday, 18 February 2010

Farrar - in Green


Farrar is in Green at Oman. Damn he looks good in that colour. For the full report skip on over to slipstreamsports website to get the full skinny. There is something I like about Tyler Farrar and here is my list.
  • He lives in G(h)ent. Unlike many US Pro's he favours the tough playground that is Flanders. Who'd bet against him winning one of the Classic or Semi Classic races that criss cross his training roads. Gent-Wevelgem must be close to his heart and he has just a good a chance of winning it as Cavendish.
  • He's a big sprinting unit who is developing at a very nice rate, maturing like a fine wine.
  • On the bike he has a great position. I know this is really sad but having fitted many riders over the years I really enjoy observing someone who sits well on a bike. I know it's geeky.
  • As a fellow red head I have that affinity that you can only have if you have it.

I hope he has a great year and thankfully in the cyclesport arena you don't have to be Nationalisitc about which riders you like. He's on my to bag list, I reckon he'd make for a good interview and for some reason even though he has had some great late season success last year he is largely left alone by the press. Not sure why, but if I was in their position I'd try to grab some of his time.

So Good Luck Tyler, hope you have a great season and maybe one day you can exchange the Green Jersey of Oman for the one in France.

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