Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Musings - The Hope of a Good Ride

It's just over 8 weeks to Flanders and with 7 weeks less training in my legs I feel that the next 6 weeks are going to be brutal. I sent a confessional email to my Coach last night telling my woes and asking what I should do. I only sent it last night so I've not had his view on what I should be doing. A Coach you may say well let me explain.

Without something to aim for on a regular basis I'd probably just plod round the Lanes, and to be honest I'd probably enjoy myself nicely. But there is a competitive spirit that lies dormant within me for most of my working week, but put me on a bike and I like sprinting for signs like anyone does. My competive activities these days are confined to Sportives and Fondo's but I am being goaded into riding some Crits, which could be interesting! Having a Coach allows me to obtain some discipline and focus to my cycling, and in many ways backs up things I have read. It's a bit like cyclings version of having a priest to tell your sins to as you feel obliged to get out and do it, if not your excuse better be a good solid one.

So I'll be setting the turbo back up tonight with the hope that doing a session will not only sort the body out but the head also. Fear can be a good motivator but knowing that your legs have the ammo to carry you round is a friend I am looking to catch up with soon, and is much more of a welcome partner than knowing you haven't done enough. Well if it all goes wrong at least there will be Duvel in the evening :-)

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