Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cervelo Test Team Project California Version 1

Project California Version 1

You have to take your hats off to Cervelo, they have again upped the bar not only in the weight of a frame, but also in the stakes of price. Ouch $9600 dollars is a huge sum to pay for a frame, but I am sure there will be some takers with bikes reaching over $15k being an easy possibilty!! The great thing about what Cervelo has learnt in producing this frame is that it will filter down through the range in time, but I'd expect the price still to be pretty high.

I think I'd be a bit heavy for one, but I'm sure if it follows Vroomen/Whites philosphy it probably won't have a weight limit, which truly makes the mind boggle. Makes me think that the Team may have something super special lined up for Paris-Roubaix, it might just be the extra edge that Thor needs to lift that cobble stone after 260km.

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