Thursday, 28 April 2011

HTC - The Paris Roubaix Experience Video - Words and Photo's by Me.


This is a really nice film of the HTC boys in action at this years Paris - Roubaix race. I got to see the bikes and some of the riders at the start and they where all super relaxed and focused on the day. Having watched fellow amateurs riding their roubaix's and now seeing the close up footage of the Teams bikes here I have to testify to being a little jealous as they just worked so well over the Pavé. While Specialized may lack some of the sex appeal of other more well established marques you can't argue about it's status as a tool for the job. Look at the results it's gained over the last 3-5 years, it's pretty impressive.

The Pro machine differs from the one that is commercially available to punters in that it recieves a different geometry so that they don't have to resort to crazy -17* stems for the riders to achieve their desired position. Even for us regular Joe's the shorter headtube makes sense as looking at their bikes I'd probably require a 40mm stack compared to the slammed and negative combination which would get me close(ish) to my desired position. As the popularity grows in this types of Sportive with the Tour of Flanders version regularly attracting over 17,000 riders to me there seems to be some commercial sense in making this available. The success of bikes like the Cervélo R3 tells me that the people who ride would probably buy what in effect would be the posistion of a stock Tarmac with a Roubaix's comfort.



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