Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lacking motivation

April seems a long way off and not knowing exactly what events I'll be doing isn't helping. I need to get myself a 2011 wall planner and get on it.

So I rolled out of the house late today with riding on my mind, not training, not focussing on my weak areas, just riding.

Today while out it felt effortless regardless of the head and cross winds. West Sussex and Hampshire are blessed with some amazing little lanes straight out of the Flanders text book '101 Lanes that you could ride Forever'. People are always surprised on the little gems I have found so far.

A short ride of a few hours ended up being a really good ride. In previous years I've started my De Ronde training in October. And for the last two years I've either got sick or had some life changing event to screw it up. So maybe with this looming in the back of my head I've held off. Training begins in December and hopefully the enthusiasm will be easier to keep going and I won't get sick.

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