Thursday, 18 November 2010

Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tight ~ a first look

This isn't a full review as I've not ridden them enough yet, more of a first impression.

So the first thing you notice when trying them on is the straps on the bibs, super thin & stretchy. I was blissfully aware of not being aware of them. It was like a David Blaine magic trick. It feels delicate but the fabric appears to be super tough. Long term wearing it will confirm or deny that. (the fabric is called Giro++ for tech heads)

I am really impressed with the pad/chamois (although really as it's a synthetic it's a pad) as riding it in today the first thing you notice is nothing. No pulling, snagging, weird lumps or over complicated gizmos. The pad is smooth to the appearance but is a multi density configuration, which is actually a two piece set up.

It's not the first two piece pad, as that first belongs to Assos who had it on a F1:13 (S3 pad), it was a tremendous clever invention which has served me well on long gruelling sportives. Initial feelings is that the Progetto X2 is a better version of it. I'm looking forward to having a long ride to really seeing if it cuts the mustard.

Well it's so far so good. I'll be back once I've logged some serious miles to feedback on how the fabric performs.

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Anonymous said...

Any update yet on the Sorpasso bibs? Especially as they compare to Assos.


Anonymous said...

After some riding, how have they held up? I am debating buying a few pairs while they are on sale and would love to know what you think of them after having ridden through a winter in them. Thanks