Friday, 2 July 2010

Holy Crap CTT pull Xavier Florencio out of Tour

Xavier Florencio out of Tour
02-Jul-2010: Rider Xavier Florencio will not start for Cervélo TestTeam at the Tour de France this year. Although he was nominated for the team, the team has decided to immediately withdraw him due to a violation of internal policies. 

Consistent with the team’s internal values, TestTeam riders are required to obtain permission from the team’s medical staff before they can use any supplements or medication. 

This evening, the team learned that Xavier Florencio has been using a substance containing ephedrine to treat a saddle discomfort. This substance was not cleared in advance with the medical staff. This usage without clearance violates the internal policy. 

The rider is suspended from competition until the team can make a final determination based on all the facts. At this point there is no information yet on whether the rider can or will be replaced.

So two questions spring to mind.  

1. What has the rider taken or done which violates the internal rules and structure of the Team. 

2. Will the Team get the chance to swap the rider or will Cervelo Test Team get to place another rider into the Team. 

Big respect to the CTT for pulling a rider on the eve of the most important high profile race in the world. Rather than throwing doubt over the whole Team I feel IRS their no tolerance stance makes me believe more in what they are trying to do. 

I want to wish Jez Hunt, Dan Lloyd and the rest of the CTT a great Tour de France and not let this put a cloud over them. I hope you have a great ride boys and I'm still rooting for you. 

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