Monday, 31 May 2010

The Privilege

Having never made it to be being a Pro journalist, only a temporary paid amateur, I still consider it to be a great privilege when a supplier asks you to review his/their product. Knowing a few journalists I think I am in many ways in a better position, as what started out as a passion has become work, whereas for me it is still a hobby and I am not bound by keeping publishers/advertisers happy (hence why no adverts on the site). Commercially it doesn't make great sense to promote it through my little site so I am humbled each time, as they must like what I am doing.

So I have a lot of stuff to write up, so I am going to try in the 33 days between now and then when the Tour starts to catch up on a few. I'll be honest, and I will try to be balanced and at the heart of it a couple of important questions will need to be answered.

  • Does it represent GVFM, although this is in many ways based on your situation and opinion it will be in my thoughs.
  • Could I use this product at Flanders. As I love the cobbles, I still think that this is the ultimate test of kit, more so that Roubaix as it has flat, ascents and descents all of which provide their own challenges.
  • Would I use it in a Sportive. Similar question to Flanders but not everything is going to hit that hard mark.
  • Is it PRO. I like Pro things, but because it has pro endorsement it actually doesn't mean it's practical for us everyday folks without a service course or Pro Mechanic.
So enjoy the next period, it may have a slightly different flavour to usual.
Rich :-)*

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