Thursday, 13 May 2010

Plan de Corones Giro de Italia 2008

Was it crazy or a moment of pure genius? You can decide for yourself by watching these clips.

And to watch Contadore dance on the pedals you'll have to go to the page here as it has been disabled, probably as a request from Eurosport. I am not a big Alberto fan but I have to doff my cap to the finest climber since Pantani. I expect him to dominate the Tour in July, but enjoy him scaling the crazy heights on this climb. As a rider he actually fits more into the Charlie Gaul mode as he uses small gears (when required) and can just dance away on the steepest climbs.

Maybe it is days like this that makes the Giro better than the Tour. They seem more able to take risks, to try the silly and add some interest to a race. Maybe it's the love of opera, the drama of an Italian meal or the fact that they just don't care, it creates some memorable moments.

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