Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back in Black

It's been great to be back on the bike again after sporadic spells of commuting in only one day at a time. Lots of reasons, which are either too boring or too long to go into. So to my commute. Well its a 15 mile each way trip, and after day 3 (with 90 miles in the bag) my legs said NO. I'm pleased that I did now, and feel ready and up for it once again.

Commuting in Summer feels like a daily treat as you can pack away the trusty Winter steed and roll on some dark carbon hussy, yes I'm 'Back in Black'. It seems harsh, unkind and almost disrespectful to quickly garage the Winter bike after the long and (generally) flawless service it has offered. More due to being forced into the situation I have had to use the 'Winter Bike' longer into Spring than planned. It made the need/desire/lust to be on a light Summer steed even stronger as the weight which seems to go unnoticed in Winter stick out like a sore thumb come Spring. Very much like when you arrive at your first race/fondo over weight, the desire to be lean, clean and mean burns hard.

So yes I'm approaching June heavier than last year, but the flame of requiring more saddle time seems to be burning stronger than for a long time. A Sportive (although I prefer the word Grand Fondo) looms on Sunday, but I think it'll be the short route. June will provide it's own challenges as I am down to ride the Castelli 24 Hour Crit race. I think this will be a unique experience, and although I will be way out of my comfort zone I'll give it my best shot. July looks like the Grand Fondo Pinarello is on the cards, which I am looking forward to.

So I'd better keep the miles up, as the time will quickly be upon me and the mountains of Italy will stare me in the face.

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