Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sportful Saxo Bank Team Kit

I have just had the new Saxo Bank kit explained to me. My impression is just Wow. Since the introduction of the Cervelo Test Team the Aero Jerseys and shorts and the rest of the investment they have made has changed the way they are percieved and what riders now what from their kit.

Seeing the new Saxo kit it the level has been raised again. The fabrics and cut have taken the advantage to a new level. The difference between a regular jersey and an aero jersey is worth about 10 watts at 40kmh. In a sport where every second counts and marginal differences make a huge difference over 8 hours or 3 weeks this is not only an advantage in myth, but in reality.

Will you want some, absolutely cycling clothing is now as technical as the bikes the riders are riding.

When does the racing start again?

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schmunk said...

Yes. But there is a reason riders don't wear temposuits in roadraces. Except for the obvious ruling it might be a bit uncomfortable. How many watts do you loose if your shirt is too tight and uncomfortable? There's a balance there.