Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Monday Monday

looks good to me so the song went. Finally I cracked on Sunday. So much crap weather had got to me. Not having ridden a bike outside since early December had got to me. Okay it's not all the weathers fault, a bout of swine flu stopped me in my tracks for a bit and then the snow came.

I'm not really a fan of the snow. It may go back to the time when I had snow blindness as a kid. I remember starring outside and then nothing for hours until I woke up at home. It was very strange. The thing is that when I was a kid we used to have Winters like this all the time, or at least that is how I remember them.

Walking to school was a mission at the best of times as it was 3-4 miles which when you are 8 is a long way. Anyhow back to the bike. It had got the better off me so on Sunday evening I prepared the cross bike. I knew that the advantages of the cross bike in certain areas also had the potential of being completely the wrong bike for others. So how did it go. Frankly lack of fitness and slugging round the knobbly tyres was hard work. The sections where I thought the cross bike would be good were outweighed by the fact that the tyres couldn't grip throught the ice.

I think as a cyclist we always want a bike that can handle anything, but the reality is that not one is the master of all conditions. So as a bike collector (or tart) I'll be adding some more to my stable. I did see a fantastic Kona which might just be my next winter bike ....... but that as they say is another story.

Be careful out there folks and I hope that the 'cabin fever' doesn't get too bad. You could always drag the turbo/rollers outside.

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