Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Ride, or how we remain inspired

Today I've been out on the bike. That in itself is nothing special, except for the fact that this was my first ride for pleasure since I got Swine Flu. The Flu itself was grim at times, but I think the after effects where probably worse. Lacking energy and any hunger to enter the pain cave the weeks rolled by and six weeks came since the dreaded virus.

The downside is that the 3th of April is looming and I have massive gaps to make up on the fitness level. The exercises I posted come from my Coach, Yes Coach. Why, well I'm crap (desperate to be better) and any help makes me a better rider and I love having something to focus towards. Otherwise all of my rides on my own would end up being a pootle (or bimble) round the lanes and I wouldn't progress.

Progression as a cyclist is what we crave, even if the process of getting better is just small steps. To see the progress is easy if you keep a log of rides/training. It doesn't have to be a bind and reduce you to a mess of noting how many times you've been to loo or weighing food for instance.

So the uphill challenge is on, my route to Flanders has been tougher than I was planning. I'll be in contact with my coach to see what he suggests on geting me ride fit by time end of March. I guess it maybe be even more painful than my comeback sessions in November. But the perverse thing is that I know come the Sportive all the suffering, pain and sweat will be worth it when I beat my own targets, and that is surely the great attraction of any Sportive.

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