Thursday, 17 March 2011

March 1000 - the story so far

copyright Jered Gruber

So how the training going, well here is my update. Week 1 I covered 200km. Week 2, well I was heading for a good week when life turned up and the best laid plans of mice and men it all got turned upside down and the high kilometer figure I was hoping for didn't materialize. So week 2 ended up the same as week 1 with another 200km. Week 3 has started off as a one I'd rather forget. I was ill in bed on Monday, went back to work Tuesday, and now here on Thursday, still no bike riding. So zero kilometers this week, so far. As I'm back to a point where I think I could actually ride a bike without falling off, I might get some scores on the doors yet this week.

Good news is that I've decided on clinchers for Roubaix, and will pack a whole bunch of tubes for the day out. Next it's on to thinking about what kit to wear, in particular what gloves to use. I'll report back once I have some news.

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