Sunday, 2 January 2011

HTC and Specialized

HTC have bagged the most wins on both the Women's and Men's Team over the last few years. As a Team they have really been dominant in areas where other Teams seem to have recieved much of the praise, but in reality the wins have gone to the squad in Yellow and White. ark Cavendish gets much of thelimelight, but in reality they are a Team that wins on many fronts and have some really fantastic riders in their ranks (both men's and women's Teams) with names like Eisel, Pinotti, Martin, Arndt, Fahlin and Van Garderen all springing to mind.

I can't help wishing the Team the best of success for the coming season and I really applaud them on providing both a top level Men's and Women's squad when many sponsors would look for a cheaper financial solution. Specialized have a Team which will give them the greatest depth of wins this year, and will no doubt help the brand take their products to the next level again.

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