Thursday, 31 December 2009


For many people today, tonight and tomorrow will be a period of reflection and will involve the process of looking back, forward to assess the year gone and the year ahead. No doubt if we had a list of 5, one is bound to be unrealistic and the rest within the realms of possibility.

But as a cyclist there any many points within the year that enable the self assessment. Winter in itself is a great time to draw a picture of where you are and where you want to be. The process of training, recording and looking at data is a viable way of moving forward with some tangible results, whether positive or negative. After the cold dark months of Winter and when Spring is still a little around the corner the first Race/Ride against your peers is the next point of reflection. After the hours of training you finally have a real world measure to gauge yourself against.

Depending on when your season starts, and ends, the mid season is the third point where goals are checked, re-evaluated and adjusted. For many people it also echoes a break in intensity in their riding. If you have a family this maybe already chosen for you in the guise of a Summer holiday, don't resent it but embrace it. You'll come back rested and gagging to get back on the bike. For the PRO rider splitting the season into chunks is the only way to hit 'form' and achieve goals throughout the year.

The fourth point is the end of the season. Balance I feel is the best approach here. No point in being too negative, while also at the same time it is highly important to be honest with ones self. Many start thinking about next year then. To a degree I do, but I always wait until January to think about which rides I'd like to do. Then before you know it we are back at the end/beginning of the New Year.

So what am I planning, or what am I looking to resolve. So being a firm believer in the need for goals and having something to aim for here is my list. Like many time and money and the balance of work and family life all need to be considered.

  1. Spend more time riding in Belgium. Not sure exactly how this is going to pan out. Whether it'll be one big trip or a series of some long weekends. What I do know is I like the people and the roads are my idea of heaven.
  2. Lose that 6 kg that is killing me on the climbs. I'm never going to be a Twiggo, but a little lighter will be better.
  3. Spend more time riding with my family. This at times will be frustrating, as it won't be this or that; but what it will be is quality time put into the investment bank of friendship and love. I would loved to have gone riding with my parents as a kid, I can't rob my children of that memory.
  4. Sort a Summer commuting bike out. Don't really want to ride the S2 to work, but I'd like to have a lighter machine compared to my Winter Surly.
  5. Blog more. I haven't written enough this year, but will try to write more regularly.
  6. Get in touch with friends I have lost contact with. This is a whole Pandora's box of possible good and bad experiences.

Here's to a great 2010, on a whole 2009 has been a great year, Best Wishes to you.

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