Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Calendar

Like any important date on the calendar the expectation that comes before Christmas can surpass the event itself sometimes. Maybe this is why before racing people get so nervous & need to pee a lot, & in some cases puke.

It's difficult not to apply the same build up while approaching a major event cycling wise as you can to Christmas; be it Flanders, the Etapé or the club 10. As important & special these events are would they benefit from a slighty more relaxed build up, and allowing the day to unfold?

Nerves & anticipation produce one positive side effect, adrenalin. The fight or flight instinct kicks in & the first part of any race/ride could be run on this alone. But like a sugar spike the loss of adrenalin in the system feels harsh & cruel once depleted. Caffeine & any energy product helps feed the system ready for the next attack and the bodies next fix of natural highs.

I'm looking forward to not only my first time on the bike in over three weeks but next year. Already I will be facing new challenges & old. New sportives, some enduro Mtb and Crit racing seemed to have crept onto the calendar for next year. I'm looking forward to the challenges and the Highs & Lows that come with it.

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