Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Eurobike Preview No1

With only a week till the doors open at Eurobike I thought I'd give you the heads up on a couple of things I have seen. The first is Campagnolo Clothing, Spring/Summer 2010.

Campagnolo have made the transition from being purely a hardware company into producing software also. Unlike Shimano who have tried under the main brand and produced poor sub standard items with a logo on (but have had great success with PRO name in certain areas), Campag are now selling good numbers across Europe and have to be taken seriously. This wasn't always the case as the first couple of seasons they mirrored Shimano's attempts and offered nothing new or interesting.

The design Team behind the clothing range have learnt fast and now they not only have a very extensive (too big in my books) range which covers a wide selection of price points. But without a doubt (and I say this as a none retro geek) the Heritage range is the best, well from an visual point of view, as other ranges have more technical products.

The range uses a mix of modern fabrics, plus a modern twist on an old fabric in that one jersey is made fom Sportwool. Be careful on sizing as the sample I have seen would require a two size upscale to get a decent fit. Hopefully on the production items I'll be back to my usual size.

I have had Campag clothing to test before and to be honest the quality is good, if not a little expensive. This has now been brought more in line with the rest of the market so the Sportwool Heritage jersey is going to hit the shops at around £90, similar to brands like Rapha.

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