Monday, 13 July 2009

Rouleur to Puncheur

The French manage to capture words that describe so much better in their language than English, and for me none so more than in the world of cycling. Rouleur, a roller, someone that can push a large gear over flat or rolling terrain. These powers translate well to anyone who would want to spend evenings & weekends racing critriums. Although these riders can turn their hand to any terrain it is another branch of riders that maybe more inspirational to us normal folk.

The Puncheur, as a rider is one that for both UK road racing & sportive riders should aspire to. Puncheurs' typically are as strong as Rouleurs', but have the added weapon of being able to transfer that power to short steep gradients and on their day can keep up with the Grimpeur.

If you currently not a Puncheur, you can increase the likelihood of being so through specific training. This would be tailored around hitting the turbo to do sessions to increase Vo2 Max. This will build upon the base fitness that has been established over years of riding. It will allow you to go deeper & harder on the short steep climbs, without hitting your max heart rate.

As the cobbles are my main passion, this will be my training focus to get ready for Flanders. It may seem crazy to be thinking about the first week in April now; but I am determined to turn up fit & ready to break my own records. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the summer, hope you do to.

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