Thursday, 9 July 2009


Although the Yellow jersey is percieved as being the most sort after and iconic, it is the least interesting to look at. That title of the most pretty, alluring or iconic jersey for me has to go to the Polka Dot. The Yellow jersey is often copied, and except for the Dauphine, no other climbing jersey has the iconic status that the Tours jersey has.

For me as a 6ft plus 95kg rider, wearing one would look as silly and out of place as me in a tutu! But I am looking forward to when that competition begins in earnest later in the week as it will provide a welcome relief to the almost forgone conclusion that a Astana rider will win. Of course the question of everyone's lips will be which one.

The Polka jersey used to be highly coverted and currently seems to have been passed in popularity by the Green jeresy. I think this is a shame and I hope that the tables are not turned but levelled out a little. Hopefully a true climber and not a chancer will come to rule and dominate for years to come.

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