Saturday, 12 February 2011

Contador and the real scandal, doping & clean athletes

It was July for Pete's sake (not sure which Pete) but to have a test confirmed by both A & B samples and then no verdict till February seems a long time. Would the verdict have been so long and drawn out if he'd been a domestic, no he'd have been thrown to the lions months ago.

I've never been a fan of Alberto, he lacks panache and some of his performances are just too unbelievable. Contador getting banned would be the best and worst thing for the sport, a bit like the 'Armstrong Affair'.

My question is, if we really want a clean sport and I mean REALLY CLEAN that bike racing will have to change as we know it. The races themselves will need to change so that performances go from 'unbelievable' to 'INCREDIBLE'.

How clean is a clean rider? Well that's a pretty deep spiralling question. I was listening to an old Velocast 'Regal in Roubaix' yesterday and almost the whole episode was covering doping. It is provoking and worth a (re)listen. If we say 50% of the Peloton is dirty & the other half not doping, what are the supposed 'clean' guys doing to keep up?

Does it mean that a clean athlete takes/uses everything under the Sun that isn't on the UCI/WADA/IOC lists, but they maybe drugs, processes, treatments which may raise an eyebrow or two. Omertà is observed by ALL Pro Cyclists, such is the fear of not being able to get a professional contract if they really spoke up, and out.

Many Pro's this week have been scathing of Ricardo Ricco, and in one hand I'd agree. He was offered a life line Vacansoleil and he's blown it. The pressures that the riders are under must immense, to risk everything, to risk your own life. But there has been little universal finger wagging at Mr Contador, Omertà is use, I think so.

So what is a dying shame that Pro Cycling had a chance of drawing a line in the sand and saying no more. But it looks like he WILL get off and be able to race again with no sanctions. The problem with drawing lines in the sand is that they are not permanent and if you read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' you find it's only the clever little Pig who builds he house on solid ground with bricks that is able to keep the Wolf at bay; the question is will the UCI continue to be the one of the silly two other Pigs or is it going to wise up.

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