Monday, 16 November 2009


Hello Folks.
Sorry for not posting for nearly a month. Life has been, and continues to be busy, so I am unsure to how much I will get done before Christmas. Yes it's just around the corner and with less than 6 weeks to go many riders will no doubt be thinking what little bit of joy they can bring to their bike world.

There are some links on the side bar. Unlike many people I don't have a list a mile long. I tend to include peoples blogs I like. Whether it's the person, the writing or a combination of both I suggest you pay a visit to them.

For now this will have to do, but I'll be back with some proper ramblings soon. Oh and I have included this image from the Castelli site, it's a great iamge and he's using one of my current favourite products the Diluvio Gloves.

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