Friday, 1 May 2009


Some people may have seen my main site at and wonder why I have two sites on the go. It's simple really, I like the Blogger platform and community. Also there is the possibility that I may switch it over completely to this platform at some point. It is very easy to use with no html knowledge required, it makes the process accessible to all.

Ok so we are in the last month of Spring, probably my favourite season (but only just), so I am going to try to get out and ride a little more. The evenings are lighter for longer and the lure of riding through the lanes grows stronger. The side benefit is that as you give into the temptation, you grow stronger and can wear the strange badges of honour that only other riders can appreciate, namely the strange tan lines all over your body.

I have included a few photo's from this years Tour, not France but Flanders. This is where my heart lies and I am looking forward to making the trip back over later this year. So just to keep you all going, here's another one to feed the passion.

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